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Possible Sequel????

Brutal Plot bunnies are brutal.

So there may or may not be an "official" sequel to "Atlantis Rising". While there is the one-shot collection (which is a lot more popular than I realized. Huh.), I apparently placed a strategic time gap between the final story chapter and of the epilogue of two years, give or take a few months, which leaves me plenty of space to place the possible sequel.

That is, if I can properly nurture the bunnies enough to create a cohesive plot. Then from there, I have to prevent plot holes, work on how Ican jam fifty different ancient mythologies in there, form character(s) backstory, because we all know I make OC for kicks and giggles then overly develop them,  and then I can start writing.


For those curious, the basic plotline is this:

The nameless sequel takes place about eight months or so after "AR". The gang is settling down to what they hope is a normal life (and Kaiba trying to figure out what exactly hormones are) and then what do you know, an opportunity to compete in a tourney in Chicago. So they go to Chicago and then basically it all goes to you know where in a hand-basket when a group of men, whom appear to be in a cult, attempt to kidnap Yugi, believing him to be "The Vessel of the Osiris Twice-Born". (key word:attempt. Aaron is tired of people kidnapping his friends thank you very much) From there they learn of a group called the "Cult of Inanna" seeking to open up something called a Soul Well.
    Meanwhile Seto gets a rather unpleasant visit from the most unlikeliest person, telling him that the Egyptian gods (remember Thoth from AR? Wasn't an illusion folks) are having kittens over this "Cult of Inanna" business because it turns out Inanna is a frigging insane goddess and the gods don't like what her happy (read: creepy) little cult is planning. It also turns out that the cult has other plans as well, like preparing a vessel for their goddess' return and hey what do you know, Seto's "possible"( lol) crush fits the bill perfectly.
And then they all have to save the day.

Also this sequel could be compensating for the fact that the amounts of Trustshipping was just a touch negligible in "AR"
 Expect about a metric ton of Kaiba snark.
You're welcome.

Need more friend codes gais~

Pretty much what the title says. . .I've been somewhat lazy when it comes to the Friend safari and I decided to go on a somewhat epic quest to gain more friend codes. I am a fighting type safari, but I have no idea what's in there (unless you've already been there and you can tell me what's in there)
Anyway, my code is 1349-5754-7895.
Thanks a bunch guys! :D

Nov. 19th, 2013

So I think Tumblr may be taking over my life. Who knew that it could be so bloody addictive and rather funny at times?
What I don't like are all the so called "social justice things". They sort of irk me, because they all start to sound the same after a while and I know that when it comes to politics and my own morals (like being a Christian that believes in both evolution and the creationist theory among others) are a lot different than the majority opinion and I'm afraid that if I express my own opinion about politics and morals and subjects along that vein, people will jump down my throat and basically make me feel like a horrible person and what not. . .which in a way is ironic because if you're all for social justice and equality and yet you bully other who think differently from you. . .yeah. . .
Also for someone like myself who was bullied all through school. . .I'd rather not go through that again thank you very much. That's why I avoid politics and that sort of thing when I post stuff on Tumblr. I post funny things that relate to Disney, science, animals, Pokemon and YGO (which is essentially lots of Polarshippping haha*sobs*)
Thankfully with LJ I can place this entry on "friends only" and what not and you guys won't judge me. . .I hope.

Anyways. . .cough.

I commissioned my first thing ever through an artist on Etsy. They make these things called "Ophies" and they are the cutest things in the whole wide world. They're essentially little feathered dragons, about a foot long and the thickness of a sharpie marker with a feathery wingspan of about six inches. So they aren't very big, but they are unique and you can commission them to look however you like.
Here are some examples.
And those are only a few. They can be all sorts of colors and what not, plus they are a decent price at thirty-four for a design she's already done and thirty-eight for a custom design. I had some birthday cash so I commissioned two. One will be mostly white with a coppery gold mane and white/bronze/gold wings. The other is going to be gray with a green mane and tail with green blue and gold wings, kind of an Aztec theme while the first one has sort of a seraphic theme.
The artist behind these wonderful creations has been super patient and helpful with me, sending me pictures of the process and seeing how I like them thus far. Just by this alone I would commission another "ophie" from her again, which I hope to do in the future.
I'm not sure if she'll let me post pics of the progress because she is rather private about the process, but I'll send her a message and if I can, I'll post the pics here. Also for those who are following me on Tumblr, yes, I've been spamming your dashboards with her products, but only to raise awareness of her amazing things and to get you guys to do your own customs as well.


Nov. 2nd, 2013

Guys I accidentally tumblr-ed.

I think it was inevitable.

. . .yep, it was.

My link is here

Have fun *waves*


Yes, it is exactly what is says on the tin can.

And it's Professor Sycamore. . .well, more like Professor SycAMORE amiright? Because the game couldn't be anymore geared towards fangirls by introducing THE SEXIEST PROFESSOR WHOM EVER LIVED. Please excuse me whilst I try to make sense of my life and wonder how my relative sanity in such fandoms has now taken such an interesting turn.

Not that I mind, really.

DANG IT NINTENDO Y U DO THIS TO ME? *insert frowny face and possible exploding ovaries here*

Now off I go to find a shiny and what not  I WANNA BE LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE *SOBS*

And I just went there.

So in a silly conversation with Kohaku no HIme, whom just got Pokemon X, she was telling me about Jou her charmeleon(now a charizard) and Yugi the Pikachu/Raichu, who had an egg with Tea the pikachu. So in essence, she created a crossover with Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon.
So what do I do with said inadvertent crossover? MILK THE EVER LOVING CRAP OUT OF IT, i.e,  doing a pic of it, because I'm crazy like that.
You'll have to forgive the crappy quality of both said doodle and camera pic(which turned out surprisingly better than expected. I usually don't do fan art like this; I lean towards realistic stuffs normally.

See lovely pic here!Collapse )
You're welcome world, you're welcome.

I did it.

I did it.

I finished "Atlantis Rising".

All sixty chapters, all the twists and turns, all the trials and tribulations, the writer's block, it's all done. It's over now.

. . .I  honestly don't know how to feel right now. Accomplished and sad at the same time, I think.

 . . .Holy Crap.

Oct. 2nd, 2013


File:006Charizard-Mega X.png





Sep. 7th, 2013

So, I think that I was crazy, finding a way to jam pack like eleven more chapters in the span of what four, five weeks until October 11, when I'm posting the epilogue of AR? Yeah. . . kind of a crazy stupid idea. Granted, I have really only four chapters left to write, 57-60, but still, that's a lot of chapter left to wedge in there. Sometimes, my own stupidity amazes me at times. Thankfully, I will have some time to work on those final chapters between here and then, despite school and being up to my eyeballs in art projects :/
  School's looking good on that front too, by the way. At first glance, my schedule looks kind of terrifying, with physics, evolution and development (senior capstone class), calculus in life sciences, Psychology and Evolution (the regular one, not to be confused with evo devo), but really, it isn't too bad. The Evo Devo class is mostly discussion, with one presentation. No exams, no extra assignments, it's all good. Calc and Physics aren't too bad either and they have the most homework, technically. My Physics professor is all sorts of awesome and I'm fairly certain that it's a requirement for all Physics professors to be crazy cool lol. I know the prof in Evolution and Psychology looks blissfully easy so thank the good lord I'm not banging my head against a wall this semester, which would be very bad for my PMDD, since stress kicks it up a notch, to quote Emeril.
   Even more so,  since I decided to do a few craft shows this year with my arts and crafts and at the moment, I'm up to my eyeballs in little bead dragons, since that will be my main stock. I'll have some 2d art pieces as well, and I'll make a binder portfolio to further showcase what I've done and to show people the variety of products, in case they want to do special orders, which I'll be praying frantically for. Since the fair is at a church, I can't exactly have my beaded Pokemon out on display, so that's another reason I'll have the portfolio out.
Also, I've decided to find someone to put me into cryogenic sleep until October 12 when Pokemon X and Y come out. I can get both Kanto and Kalos starters in a go, PLUS mega evolutions?!?!?! Yesplskthxbai.